We can support and enhance your marketing strategy, branding, sales and customer repurchasing through our creative technology as well as Integrated & Automated Data Marketing Solution EYWA.

INNOMATIVE offers not just a plan, but also a holistic solution from branding to sales through to customer retention. We provide a series of Digital, Data, Social and Conversion Marketing business solutions that stays connected with the brand and engages customers.

We also support and localise international brands market entry into the China market through setting up social media presence, social content retainer, cooperating with relevant media, PR, event and TV production partners.
Creative Technology Integration is our core service in providing the best digital and data marketing solutions
We are not only limited to providing online and mobile development, campaigns, H5 interactions and other online digital marketing tactics, but with our groundbreaking technology, we can offer creative technology by using cutting-edge devices and techniques such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, RFID and Eye tracking etc, to further enhance the brand digitally bringing customer experiences to the next level.
Listen to consumer voices,
deepen social conversation
Through social media platforms, we bring the voice of consumers closer to the brand. With social content management and execution, we support brands to maximize brand volume in social spaces.
Through centralised data intelligence, we provide the most suitable marketing automation, with the best personalised customer experience
Through EYWA, an award winning Integrated and Automated Data Marketing Solution specialised in the China market and fully developed by INNOMATIVE, it allows marketers to focus on business strategies and digital marketing plans. With the support of EYWA marketers can drive their business forward in the most effective and efficient way possible. By analysing and processing the collected data, we help marketers make the right business decisions based on derived data.
Optimise customer journey,
reduce bounce rate
By collecting data from multiple sources, TMall ecommerce platform, repurchase programs, data tracking and analysis, we are able to identify consumers and prospects purchase intention. Through monitoring programs in real time we can increase the conversion rate.
“EYWA Solutions helps us make our car owners feel valued, something which is especially important in our industry.”
Kevin Gao
Connected Services Director
Qoros Auto
“EYWA Solutions of INNOMATIVE provide us the infinite possibilities for our club members and loyalty activities of potential consumers, also help us provide more professional customer care for our consumers, which improved the conversion rate from marketing to sales.”
Louise Wu
Brand Manager
SCA International Group
“INNOMATIVE was able to understand our marketing needs and delivered above our expectations, they always provide awesome creative technical and data solutions, it was a pleasure to work with them.”
Jun Zeng
Marketing Manager